Friday, April 30, 2010

Beverly Hills hair transplant - Psycho-social impacts of Hair Restoration Surgery on Men

Beverly Hills hair transplantHair loss has significant impacts on men's mental health says hair restoration Los Angeles specialist. Balding is a known cause of anxiety in younger male patients who are involved with an active social life. The rate of depression is reported to be higher in bald men compared with their normal counterparts (1, 2 and 3). Negative impacts of hair loss are reported and are obvious to all Beverly Hills hair transplant surgeons and medical staff involved with hair restoration. Negative effects of hair loss on self-esteem and self-image is also reported and seen on a daily basis among hair loss patients. We also know that hair loss impacts some men's sex lives and their stability with regard to career choices.

Despite solid evidence in the published literature regarding the psychological impact of hair loss, the corrective effect of medical and surgical hair restoration has never been studied. Observing drastic changes in patient's lives, we were motivated to look into the psychological impact of hair restoration on different aspects of patients' life. We performed a questionnaire based questioned at new hair institute.

We used the indexes of psychological variables that were previously studied comparing balding and non-balding men. We focused in on eight major criteria that have been reported and documented as variables associated with hair loss in the literature. We collected a subset of them in our pilot study. Included were questions regarding the general level of happiness, energy level, feeling of youthfulness, anxiety level, self confidence, outlook on the future, and impact on their sex life.

Our initial study on the psychology of hair loss included the patients who had their first hair loss treatment Los Angeles between one to three years prior to the time of our research, so they could have seen the final results of their hair transplant surgery with a fresh memory of their condition prior to their hair restoration procedure. We used the most recent years to have a uniform group in terms of the technique of the surgery we used.

We limited the study to male patients with androgenetic alopecia. According to hair loss treatment Beverly Hills, patients had exclusively follicular unit transplants that reflected our standard of care for that period. Comparison of patients' before and after surgery condition in eight different criteria including level of happiness, energy level, anxiety level, youthfulness, self esteem, impact on sex life and career were done. Patients had significant improvements in all eight criteria regardless of their stage of baldness or their age.

Patients who experienced hair loss at an early age while involved in an active social life were more prone to the negative side effects of balding and appeared to benefit most from hair restoration procedures. These patients' negative outlook seemed to reverse after surgery. Our next step is going to be performing a similar study on a larger scale with providing incentives to the patients who respond to our questionnaires to increase the response rate a validity of the study.

Hair loss should be recognized more as a disease that needs special care and attention. Establishing the relationship between hair loss and its psychological consequences and the positive effect of hair transplant in improving those conditions might even help hair loss patients to get insurance coverage for their hair restoration procedure in the future.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teeth whitening Tarzana - Roads to a Straighter, Brighter Smile

Woodland Hills cosmetic dentist
Southern California residents have many options when visiting their Woodland Hills cosmetic dentist. Most offices offer many different services and speaking with a local cosmetic dentist can help one to decide what is best for them.

Often, the first experience children have with dentistry is braces. When choosing an orthodontist to fit a child for braces Encino parents often speak to several different people. Many parents also go to an orthodontist who was recommended to them by a friend or a dentist. Usually a dentist is the best source but online research is also a good idea, especially in the Los Angeles area because there are so many orthodontists and cosmetic dentists. There are many reasons to get a child braces while he or she is still a young child. Orthodontists can intercept jaw growth problems, reduce the need to extract adult teeth, guide the permanent teeth into a better position, and preserve or gain space for adult teeth. Getting braces at a more advanced age means that the teeth are locked into position and take longer to move with braces.

Porcelain veneers can be the perfect solution for adults young and old. They are extremely thin casings of ceramic that are bonded to the front of the patient’s tooth. If someone asks about veneers Encino cosmetic dentists will probably tell the patient that veneers are not only for people with extremely damage or discolored teeth. For many patients, chipped or slightly crooked teeth are extremely negative to their self image. A new, straight, white smile can do wonders for someone with low self esteem. Some cosmetic dentists have described porcelain veneers as a “dental face lift,” a new, attractive smile that can last a long time if properly taken care of. Porcelain veneers are made of a type of ceramic which makes the teeth look very natural. In addition, they resist staining from coffee or cigarettes. Breakage of the veneers is rare but can occur when eating very hard foods or grinding at night.

Another way to improve ones smile is teeth whitening. As people age, teeth stains are inevitable. From eating and drinking to smoking, there are innumerable ways by which the teeth can become discolored. Like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening can transform a smile. However, when it comes to teeth whitening Tarzana cosmetic dentists will advise patients that the effects are not permanent. Their effects can be stunning, but the process must be renewed to maintain results. In addition, people with sensitive teeth or gums should always consult their dentist before beginning any teeth whitening program. Today there are many different methods of whitening one’s teeth; however, there are many sources of information which people can access to find out what method is right for them.

Liposuction Beverly Hills - Traditional lipo Vs Less invasive Lipo

Liposuction Beverly Hills
Every year liposuction takes the reign for the most popular cosmetic procedure done in the United States. Some might ask why while others are aware of the advances which are made in Liposuction technology every day. Traditional liposuction is now a thing of the past. Traditional liposuction called for general anesthesia, bruising, bleeding and what is critical to most down time. Weeks out of work and only being able to lay in bed isn’t convenient to any one, therefore why not chose a procedure in which down time is a maximum of two days.

Liposculpture, vast laser lipo, and lipo dissolve are some minimally invasive liposuction procedures which have grown more in popularity over the years. These procedures call for smaller tools and less wounding than traditional liposuction and therefore chosen more frequently. All of the procedures achieve the same end result with a different route and therefore have different recovery periods and other slight differences. When choosing liposuction Beverly Hills specialists suggest patients should be informed about the difference procedures in order to choose the best suitor.

Traditional liposuction is done under general anesthesia and requires downtime of several weeks. Traditional liposuction calls for a cannula which is thick and large, because of the cannula large incisions are made in order to give the surgeon the advantage of working under the skin. The fat must be punctured repeatedly in and out removing slowly. The liposuction specialist performing the procedure might be an excellent one, but their will still be major bruising on and around the surgical area. A compression garment will be worn for several weeks to months after the procedure and the patient will not be able to be involved in any type of physical activity which might cause infection or other damage to the area.

Liposculpture, vast laser and lipo dissolve can be done under general anesthesia but usually are not. These procedures are usually done under local anesthesia and sedation in order to make the patient more comfortable. During less invasive Liposuction Los Angeles specialist say the cannula decreases immensely in size, because the cannula is tiny during this procedure only very small incisions need to be made. Through the small incision the fat is liquidated and drained out during vast laser lipo. During liposculpture a solution is used in the surgical area in order to make the fat swell and gives the surgeon advantage in removing the unwanted fat from the area, while making the fat prominent there is less chance of the surgeon puncturing any of the surroundings. Lipo dissolve is a bit of different procedure which is done over time. Lipo dissolve takes one to four sessions to be done with the lipo treatment and the results are seen more gradually over time. Lipo dissolve consist of injections filled with solution to dissolve fat which is completely safe. The solution that is in the injections is a solution which is naturally already in the body and assists to burn fat everyday. The injection is placed in the site and some patients see results right away, but liposuction specialist say the real results aren’t yet seen for at lease six weeks later. The popularity to liposuction is due to mainly these procedures which make it safer for patients to undergo plastic surgery.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding Band Rings vs. Bridal Sets vs. Wedding Rings?

14K gold wedding bands
When deciding on that special precious metal that will be worn around your ring finger forever, which type of ring will it be as your life long symbol of love?

Below are the different types of Wedding Rings:

Wedding Band Rings vs. Bridals Sets vs. Wedding Rings

Wedding Bands:

Plain wedding band rings come in platinum, 14K gold wedding bands, 18K gold wedding bands, tungsten metal, silver, titanium and other various types of plain bands that are symbolic without being flashy. Let the simplicity of these rings tell and remind you that all you need in life is each other.

Wedding Rings:

Diamond wedding rings: This type of ring can add style to both his and her wedding ring, coordinating with the shape of the diamond and setting of the ring. Other styles of diamond wedding rings are bridal set, pave settings, channel setting and simpler settings. Wedding rings can contain gemstones. Gemstones are usually smaller than those in wedding rings, and they contain many types of stones including rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, or any gem the couple desires. Diamonds are the classic symbol of love, fidelity and marriage.

Bridal Sets:

A bridal set is also known as wedding set. A Bridal set is nothing but a pair of rings designed to be worn together. Some bridal sets include three rings also: brides engagement ring, wedding band and grooms wedding band. Bridal set engagement ring is of two types: parallel rings and integrated rings. In a parallel set, wedding band may have inset stones or pave setting but does not have raised stones or other elaborate details that might interfere with the engagement ring when the two pieces are worn together. In an integrated set, wedding band cannot be worn without the engagement ring or else it would appear incomplete.

Whether you decide on 14K gold wedding bands, diamond bridal sets or gemstone filled wedding rings; make sure to choose a ring that you will be most comfortable with wearing every day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Deal of the day - Looking For a Good Bargain?

Daily dealsMany people shop online for a good bargain. Whether you are looking for electronic devices, beauty products, jewelry, furniture and etc you can find just about anything online at a better price than a retail store. Depending on what you are shopping for, one deal a day results are unlimited if you know how and where to search. One of the most popular items that consumers shop for online is electronics. Instead of waiting around for Black Friday deals to come around the day after Thanksgiving like most people, why not just search online for that Netbook or iPod dock on your wish list?

The web offers a plethora of sites available with great deals. Below are several top websites that offer great daily deals of all sorts of top quality products.

Amazon is an online shopping site that offers a wide selection of books, magazine, music DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel, shoes and accessories and competitive prices.

XooDeals deal of the day online shopping offers competitive prices on one hot item per day. XooDeals offer daily deals from house wares, electronics, children’s toys, beauty products, apparel and more. One deal a day sites are able to offer bargain prices on their items because they get their products for extremely low prices from retailers who have had a surplus of supplies and need to close out their items.

Price Watch allows you to find the lowest price on all of the most popular products by comparing lowest prices from different websites. They offer the latest tech, computer products, jewelry, beauty products, electronics and etc at the best prices.

These are several sites where you can find great deals on electronics and more. Instead of waiting in long lines or for the Black Friday sale which only comes around once a year, bargain shop early and get your deal of the day items mailed to your home so you can avoid the hassle of having to waste time and money. In addition to saving time with online shopping, you can also make better shopping decisions because there is no pressure to buy the product. You can purchase the product whenever you want, when you’re ready.

During your next shopping event, make sure to also check online before buying your product at full price at the retail store. With the money you save, you can use it for the next item on your wish list!

Men’s blazer - Guide to Putting Together a Suit

Designer suits
Men generally wear designer suits for special occasions. Whether for a formal party, wedding, reunion, funeral, or a job interview, looking good in a suit is top the key. By following these steps, you can improve your image through wearing a suit.

Do not wear an odd-colored zoot suits: alternately, go for something more neutral and conservative. These colors include gray, black suits, navy blue, and brown. Of course, you can add a different touch of color or pattern to your suit with pinstripes.

Choosing the right shirt and tie is your opportunity to play with color. If your suit is a neutral color, it means that it’ll match with pretty much any shirt color as long as the hues are of the same tone. For example, don’t wear a bright green shirt with your dark, charcoal grey suit; instead opt for lavender or powder blue.

Do not pair a suit from a men’s blazer and pants of the same color. A suit is a set of clothing purchased together. If you just stick any old pair of black pants with any old black sports coat, trust me on this: The colors, although technically the same, will not match.

Do not wear a suit that doesn’t fit you properly. If you aren’t tall enough to wear a regular, don't buy a regular buy the short. If you gained too much weight for your suit to fit properly, consider investing in a new one.

Men too often believe that suits will fit off the rack. While some men may get lucky and find one that fits them perfectly, not all will have the same luck since men who wear the same size won’t necessarily have the same body type. Consider a tailor for getting a proper fitted suit. Most tailors charge less money for alterations than you think.
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